Product reviews for Powering Up Children

Madeleine Holt, co-founder of Rescue Our Schools and More Than a Score
This exceptionally detailed and practical book draws into sharper focus the sheer lunacy of rejecting those lessons that actually interest children. It really is time to knock that nonsense on the head and get on with a more humane approach to educating young children for life - and Powering Up Children tells us how.

As someone with experience as a primary school governor, I could see this book being particularly useful as a jargon-free guide that not only enables you to detect what makes really good teaching and why, but also helps you make specific observations - rather than relying on intuitive hunches - of what your school is doing right. It would also be really helpful for parents who are curious about the current debates in education and would like to know what an enlightened education looks like on paper.
Guest | 10/12/2018 00:00
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