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Rae Snape, Head Teacher, The Spinney Primary School, National Leader of Education, The Kite Teaching School Alliance
Powering Up Children is a unique collaboration between Professor Guy Claxton and expert classroom practitioner Becky Carlzon that puts learning power theory into practice - and the result is a triumph!

Aimed primarily at classroom teachers, this book is generously packed with tips, suggestions, and approaches - not to mention their accompanying anecdotes, diagrams, photographs, and QR links to video clips - which have been shown to work in real classrooms and which teachers can easily implement in their own contexts. Its highly relatable, readable, and practical content speaks to the centrality of the teacher-student relationship, and teachers will find themselves nodding along in recognition of the strategies' positive long-term impact on pupils' character, academic outcomes, and overall learning experience. It's a win-win: results plus character!

With all the talk of 21st century skills and the need to prepare children for the challenges and opportunities ahead, Powering Up Children not only sets out the design principles of the Learning Power Approach but also shows teachers how - through subtle adjustments in their practice - skills such as collaboration and craftsmanship can be developed in learners. 

A perfect and timely read for classroom teachers and school leaders alike.
Guest | 10/12/2018 00:00
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