Product reviews for Stress Free Surgery - 2 CD Set

Elvira V. Lang, MD, FSIR, FSCEH, Associate Professor of Radiology, Director, Nonpharmacologic Analgesia Program Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Harvard Medical School
The fist CD is heavily focused on suggestions of relaxation, comfort, and going deeper and deeper into a state of tranquility. The approach is directive and uses a slow voice pattern inviting progressive muscle relaxation and describing the likely occurrences leading to and through the operation with suggestions for transformation of unhelpful emotions into more resourceful experiences. The medical background of Dr. Linda Thomson and her hypnosis work in the operating room clearly come through in the understanding of the working of a surgical enterprise.

The second CD to be used in preparation and conquering of the postoperative period. It contains much of the beautiful imagery Dr. Linda Thomson is best known for from her widely acclaimed and classic book of Harry the Hypnopotamus - Metaphorical Tales for Children. The flow is more fluid and offers many choices for the patient to engage in healing.

In the emerging filed of procedural hypnosis Dr. Thomson has taken on the challenge to guide a patient without being present and obtaining cues of progress. This is no minor fat considering that the hypnotist cannot adjust to preferences of the listener. The CDs will likely be of most benefit to patients who can take the time and enjoy a focus on relaxation in a quiet place guided by a slow flow of suggestions.
Guest | 06/06/2007 01:00
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