Product reviews for Stress Free Surgery – 2 CD Set

Pat Doohan
Linda Thomson has created a very relaxing, very useful set of two CDs for use by those due to undergo surgical procedures.

Although the induction on the Pre-op CD is very long, the advantage of this CD is that it has two tracks, so that after the first few hearings, the listener can jump straight to the suggestions without having to go through the induction again. Likewise with the Post-op CD. This also has two tracks so that the introduction can be missed out once it has been heard and understood.

As a long time advocate of mindbody healing, listening to these CDs was a little like preaching to the converted for me but I believe that they would be invaluable to anyone awaiting surgery, even if they were not feeling any apprehension. The Ericksonian type suggestions leave the listener in control of the speed with which recovery is made and one very important suggestion which Linda gives on the pre-op CD is that anything said during surgery that is of a less than helpful nature will seem as if it is being said in a foreign language and that, when the mind translates the foreign words, they will become positive, healing ones. This one suggestion rules out the possibility of patients' subconscious minds taking on board negative comments made by members of medical teams who are under the impression that the patient is incapable of hearing what is said while anaesthetised. Many therapists have had clients in hypnosis recounting unhelpful words said by doctors during operations, which seem to have had an adverse effect on the patient's healing process.

It would, in my opinion, be good for therapists who are working with those awaiting surgery to recommend this CD set to reinforce the work done during hypnotherapy sessions.

For those who haven't resorted to having therapy, listening to these CDs should go a long way towards hastening the healing process and allaying any fears being experienced about the surgical procedure itself.
Guest | 23/07/2007 01:00
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