Product reviews for Stress Free Surgery - 2 CD Set

Terri Bodell NACHP
This 2 CD set by Linda Thomson blends her gentle toned, soothing hypnotic suggestions with positive comforting imagery to guide you through surgery smoothly and easily.

The first CD decreases pre-surgery fears and apprehensions and uses imagery suggestins to promote feelings of calm and composure before and during the surgery. It also applies the imagery to reduce blood flow to the area of operation which is a very useful addition.

The second CD is used post surgery to assist with the healing and recuperation aspect of surgery. Both CDs are very easy to listen to. Indeed Linda's soft reassuring voice leads you gradually into a very relaxing trance state and the suggestions and imagery are very powerful, yet permissive.

I believe that this is an invaluable tool for anyone undergoing surgery.
Guest | 23/07/2007 01:00
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