Product reviews for The Student Mindset

John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultants
This is a truly brilliant text, overflowing with tricks and tactics which will enable learners to boost to boost their performance levels by adopting the routines, strategies and habits of those who have succeeded or who currently do well.

The authors have extensive experience of working with students who battle through difficult times, those who become exasperated, demotivated and others who are successful. The focus in the book is on the characteristics and qualities of high performing students, in particular their vision, effort, systems, practice and attitude (VESPA)

Readers will gain from the section on promoting the mindset which the authors link to the key area of preparation and starting with the key question, -˜what does success look like?'. Another focus is on the analysis of how the student can arrange and organise information more effectively.  They consider a range   of graphic organisers and the use of metaphor analysis.  In addition they discuss  -˜battling information overwhelm', -˜dealing with the dip' and strategies to promote activities to drive forward changes in attitude, generate energy and renewed effort.   In view of the current focus on mental health and stress related illness, the authors discuss the moments of personal crisis which can impact upon many students, with strategies on sleep, diet and exercise to ensure more effective functioning of the body systems which can positively impact upon performance and attitude.

This is a well-written and engaging text that should be available within all schools and colleges to aid learners to promote more effective habits, routines and strategies in their quest to promote achievement levels
Guest | 02/01/2019 00:00
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