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Katy Hodges, Assistant Head Teacher and SENCO, Westfield School
Lisa Jane Ashes' Teacher in the Cupboard is a truthful and heartfelt reflection on the realities of the teaching profession -“ every teacher will recognise a little bit of themselves in the scenarios described.

From time to time we all find ourselves in challenging and tricky situations -“ and therefore the need for self-awareness and evaluation is critical for teachers. Lisa has clearly taken note of this necessity and in this book offers many practical strategies to help facilitate reflective thinking. She prompts us to really observe and listen to what is happening around us, and poses probing questions we should ask ourselves when children appear to disengage from their learning. 

Teacher in the Cupboard will offer similar comfort to that of the friendly colleague in the staffroom, who we can all turn to when we need a little guidance.
Guest | 23/01/2019 00:00
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