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Geoff Wake, Professor of Mathematics Education and Convenor of the Centre for Research in Mathematics Education, University of Nottingham
In Visible Maths, Peter Mattock provides a very thorough overview of how a variety of different representations can be developed to explore working with number and algebra in primary and secondary school mathematics education. I am sure that the book will become a must-have resource for all teachers of maths, and equally should be central to the discussions of any maths department as they plan their approach to the use of representations and models.

Peter presents a carefully argued approach to the use of the different representations, clearly setting out how and when different approaches might be most beneficial and when they are less helpful. The copious supply of examples provided illustrate, in colour, the different approaches -“ offering clear insights into mathematical structure and how this might best be revealed in the classroom. Although some readers may have met some of the approaches before, I feel sure that all will find things here that will challenge their thinking -“ for example, the suggested use of vectors at much earlier stages in the development of working with number.

I recommend Visible Maths to all those who constantly consider different ways of supporting their teaching and their pupils' learning.
Guest | 24/01/2019 00:00
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