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This book uses the Learning Power Approach (LPA) which aims to develop all children as confident and empowered learners. The approach can be used across ages and in all subjects; the book clearly explains how this can be put into action. Full of practical advice, based on experience, the book is designed for busy primary school teachers who want to get started on the LPA journey as well as for those who have already made good progress and are looking for fresh ideas. The authors explain, chapter by chapter, why the design principles focused on are important; offer a menu of practical low-risk tweaks to classroom practice that enable teachers to engage with the design principles and experience some quick wins; provide some ideas about how to embed the principles more deeply and address some of the common bumps and issues that may crop up along the way, and offer advice to help teachers overcome such potential obstacles. The way the authors address teachers' potential concerns is excellent and shows the practical, classroom-based approach of the book.

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Guest | 25/01/2019 00:00
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