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Who could deny that we nearly all aspire to be more clever - and to achieving that for our children? Nature versus nurture -it's a debate that has been ongoing through history and no doubt will continue. New light is always interesting to read, for practising teachers, students and anyone interested in education, sociology and knowledge. The author offers research-informed guidance on how teachers can help their students acquire a base of knowledge and skills that is both powerful and useful. We are all aware of controversy around measuring intelligence, and on the impact of environment, but unless we understand these factors, we cannot bring about improvement - and closing the advantage gap is at the heart of this book. We can be fairly sure that schooling will raise children's intelligence so we must make the most of that, and this book will help. The author uses his experience to set out practical ideas for improving schools and communicating knowledge.The book takes a deep look at its subject; it's a thought-provoking book that takes consideration to read and apply but the results from applying its insightful ideas will be worthwhile. An excellent basis for staffroom discussion and training.

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Guest | 25/01/2019 00:00
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