Product reviews for Treating Stress and Anxiety

John Burton EdD LPC
In treating Stress and Anxiety, the authors provide a nearly comprehensive collection of methods for treating symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. Insight about the sources of stress and the physiological effects are presented in clear and helpful ways. This bevy of information can then be shared with the client, as an informed client becomes a better ally in the treatment process. The material in this book consists of neatly structured and precise techniques aimed at alleviating symptoms.

The methods are especially geared for empowering the client to better take charge of his or her life and promote all around wellness. Research about the efficacy of these techniques is also presented, providing the therapist as well as the client with reassurance about using these stress and anxiety reduction methods. These methods are tried and true. I believe this book provides both the beginning therapist as well as the seasoned therapist with an effective treatment plan and the necessary tools to assist their client toward greater wellbeing.
Guest | 15/02/2008 00:00
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