Product reviews for Treating Stress and Anxiety

Paul Martin, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Monash University Director of Psychology, Southern Health
This is an intensely practical text written by clinicians for clinicians. It will be of great value on the shelves of all health professionals who are involved in treating anxiety and stress.

An excellent feature of the book is that it comes with a CD-ROM of client handouts/worksheets that can be printed. Also, a companion audio CD of relaxation therapy is available, which is a very high quality production.

The book covers all the domains that such a book would be expected to include such as variations between the treatment of different anxiety disorders, and the techniques of cognitive therapy (including mindfulness), relaxation training, exposure-based approaches and relapse prevention. It also incorporates other valuable material, however, that focuses on the psychosocial context in which anxiety and stress arise, that is, techniques designed to: promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle; increase resilience; and enhance quality of life (e.g., diet, exercise, sleep, social support, problem solving, time management, activity scheduling). In addition, the book deals with problems related to anxiety and stress such as depression, substance use, self-acceptance, anger and communication skills. In summary, a remarkably comprehensive text for treating stress and anxiety.
Guest | 15/02/2008 00:00
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