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Andy Young RMN, LLB (Hons), LLM, PG CertHed. Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
This is an excellent, concise and highly readable introduction to Treating Stress and Anxiety.

Despite the fact that it is written in a relatively informal style the work retains a professional focus and explores key issues in relation to evidence-based anxiety management. The emphasis upon recovery, self-efficacy and modern treatment approaches is refreshing and the worksheets and wall charts are helpful in terms of summarising the key issues.

Ultimately the book is well- balanced in terms in its consideration of cognitive-behavioural and psycho-social interventions.

Excellent - I have highlighted Chapter 2 as I think it is particularly well-written and informative summarising relevant psychological aspects of health and emotional wellbeing. I also like the fact that it does not ignore potential barriers

Positive Criticism - I think a chapter in this book relating to -˜Conflict resolution' would have been a useful addition (in terms of managing anxiety and the application of emotional intelligence). Anger is considered in Chapter 7 but I think it might have been explored further in relation to difficult situations and illuminated by case study examples. Similarly I think the basic legal and ethical issues related underlying the counselling process deserve greater attention even in an introductory text. I note that confidentiality is mentioned very briefly though.

Level of study - suitable for level(s) 4, 5 and 6 - Health and Social Care Students

Tables and Appendices - Informative and easy to read

CDRom - The relaxation exercises complimented the book and were very easy to follow. NOTES: would have liked a script included in relation to psychiatric first aid in a -˜conflict' situation e.g. when someone is confrontational, abusive or threatening towards you.

Work sheets and handouts - a useful addition for lecturers, teachers, trainers and service users alike.

Adoption: will recommend as supplementary reading on the undergraduate/post-reg nursing programme.

Chapter 1 - A brief overview of anxiety and stress

Chapter 2 - Identifying presenting problems

Chapter 3 - Treatment of anxiety disorders

Chapter 4 - Maintaining emotional health

Chapter 5 - Relaxation and breathing exercises

Chapter 6 - The impact of thoughts on stress and anxiety

Chapter 7 - Facing Fears

Chapter 8 - Relapse Prevention

Chapter 9 - Other issues related to stress and anxiety

Chapter 10 - Group programmes to reduce anxiety and enhance wellbeing
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