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Fidelity Jason Fletcher, NCP 08
This book focuses on a variety of -˜evidence-based Cognitive behavioural techniques' for clients with Stress/Anxiety problems. The book has an accompanying CD-Rom with handouts and worksheets. The book is laid out very much as a step-by-step program/guide for the practitioner. However, 1 would also say the book could be suitable for non- practitioners as a self-help book/CD Rom.

The reader is moved through the process of tackling a client with stress/anxiety; from assessing the client, looking at barriers to treatment, and setting treatment goals.

Various stress/anxiety disorders are summarised including amongst others; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Specific Phobia.

A huge portion of the book is made up of handouts and worksheets which are on the accompanying CD-Rom. 1 did question whether it is necessary for every handout to be printed up in the book and would rather the pages had been used (speaking as a Hypnotherapist) to pay more than lip service to Hypnotherapy.

There were other areas which could have been given room for expansion - 1 would guess that many therapists would agree that self-worth can be key to most client issues. With this in mind 1 found it disappointing to find self-worth issues being condensed into two brief paragraphs headed -˜Self Acceptance and Strengthening Identity'.

Potential readers may like to try the companion audio CD which is available from the same authors:-

1 am in two minds about this book. On one hand 1 can see it would be a highly effective tool, particularly for those new to therapy practise who still need more props and tools to help them, and also valuable for those practising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 1 did like the handouts and worksheets as a tool for the client to continue working on themselves outside therapy sessions. The book also showed a more holistic bent when the client is encouraged to look at their diet, exercise and sleep as other tools to help reduce stress and anxiety.

On the other hand 1 found the book a little too scientific with over-use of graphs and charts - which 1 guess some therapist's may warm more too.

Overall 1 think for most therapists, the book could be a useful tool for them to dip into for help with stressed or anxious clients. However, 1 feel that if followed to the letter the book could bog down a therapy session with endless paperwork, form filling, and looking at the client more as a lab rat than a sentient individual.
Guest | 16/06/2008 01:00
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