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Treating Stress and Anxiety: A Practitioner's Guide to Evidence-Based Approaches is a guide for clinicians and therapists to evidence-based cognitive behavioral techniques that can help reduce patients' stress and anxiety, as well as enhance their overall quality of life. Chapters discuss basic emotional health maintenance (including watching one's diet, engaging in regular exercise, getting sufficient sleep, and properly managing time), relaxation and breathing exercises, confronting fears, tips for managing persistent harmful thoughts, preventing relapses, and much more. “When an individual is particularly vulnerable or experiencing severe ongoing stress, they may often be in crisis. When in a crisis state, it is very difficult to maintain work towards longer term goals and to try new and challenging tasks. It can be helpful to develop a list of simple and effective strategies to alleviate distress in times of crisis, and therefore minimise the impact of ongoing crises-¦ It is wise to consider attempting several distress management strategies when confronted with a crisis. It may also be helpful to involve supportive people and relevant agencies when planning for crisis management.” Included with the text is a CD-ROM of useful client handouts and worksheets. A superb, easy-to-follow, highly practical manual for treatment professionals.
Guest | 11/11/2008 00:00
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