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Cherryl Drabble, author and Assistant Head Teacher, Highfurlong School
On the Fringes is a book into which you are drawn right from the outset, as it begins with a real-life, personal account of what inspired the author to write it.

Packed with useful tips and advice, this solution-focused resource delves into why some groups are more vulnerable to exclusion than others, with a specific focus on those children and young people who have significant undiagnosed needs and complex mental health difficulties.

Jackie paints a detailed picture of the alternative education provision offered in a PRU setting and describes the components of a caring, nurturing approach designed to develop pupils' self-esteem and self-confidence. She also emphasises the paramount importance of early intervention and its value in curtailing the progress of challenging behaviours, and discusses the need for staff to develop empathy and emotional resilience in order to best help vulnerable children and young people.

To close the book, Jackie provides a ten-point manifesto on how the exclusion of children and young people can be prevented so that a better future is made possible for those who would otherwise be left on the fringes.
Guest | 21/02/2019 00:00
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