Shamim Mansoor Patel
“As a teacher with years of teaching experience and change of umpteen schools, kind of complacency sets in and anything novel only raises eyebrows and a question as to what more? This is just what happened when I set my eyes and hands on this book-¦-¦-¦ -˜The art of being a brilliant teacher!'

Initially I picked up the book to kill time but as I surfed through a few pages I realized the book is not meant for casual reading and is likely to add value to my existing reservoir of knowledge or at least bring in a new perspective towards teaching, a job that becomes mundane as years flyby.

Every experienced teacher feels that she has mastered the teaching nuances and it is her birthright to write a book and enlighten those with struggles in the field, however the writers' intentions are clear from the very beginning. The book is not meant to preach but an attempt to replenish the dying sense of passion amongst teachers that comes with age.

Everything about the book is quirky-¦ The language, the style, the content and the writers themselves -¦..Oh my god three of them!

The book is packed with tips, techniques and plenty of anecdotes. Especially worth a mention are the snippets, the phrases and quotes. More so ,the handy -˜In a nutshell' columns before the start of every chapter are inviting and give you a peek into what will follow and whether to proceed or skip. Interestingly I never skipped a chapter because I found a reason worthwhile in each.

The writers with a huge 90 years of teaching experience among them know precisely a teacher's journey that is full of apprehensions, joys, frustrations and sweat and this makes the book readable, relevant and fun.

Acronyms such as HUGG (huge unbelievably great goals), VAK (visual auditory kinesthetic) W II F M (what's in it for me) THUNKS(thought grenades) tickle your senses and bring alive the heavy content.

Classroom management strategies such as mini conversations, consistency in discipline, seating plans, Matthew effect, engaging introductions and plenary, correct spellings and correct pronunciations of students names, error less jottings in the register, detailing of the lesson, changing displays, multiple class layouts, welcome and see off of students, differentiation, bounce back ability, entropy ,mood hoovers, nutters, 7 p's of teaching, creative mood lifting games and positivity are beautifully touched upon and leave you with a feeling of wanting to do more.

The earnestness and excitement of the writers rubs onto you as you read. I strongly believe that the book is a must read for freshers bursting with enthusiasm as well as the seasoned veterans. It should find a place in every teachers home as a charger when one is contemplating quitting the profession.
The book seems a little intimidating and makes a teacher's job look herculean and maybe a little idealistic as well but definitely definitely worth a read-¦

P.S. : The book is a must for every teacher who dreads Mondays.”

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