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Hannah Wilson, Executive Head Teacher, Aureus School and Aureus Primary School, and co-founder of #WomenEd
As you read The Unexpected Leader you dive deep into the messy, blurry world of leadership and meet a variety of school leaders who lead beyond the confines of a compartmentalised box: those leaders who cannot, do not, will not conform.

Breaking out of the leadership mould, a mould created by our system, by our schools, by our society, takes courage and tenacity -“ as well as honesty, authenticity and vulnerability -“ which Iesha embodies in abundance as a reflective practitioner. In this book she carefully unpicks the sensitive and sometimes thorny issues of imposter syndrome, quiet leadership, and leadership visibility and perception -“ and the personal and professional epiphany that she shares early on will resonate with all those leaders who realise that they do not go with the status quo.

If you are interested in the human condition, and enjoy reading and learning from personal stories, then this book is for you as it encourages you to be your whole self and to embrace being different.
Guest | 14/03/2019 00:00
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