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Becky Carlzon, Year 1 Teacher, Bangkok Patana International School
In this book Guy Claxton pulls together some of the most up-to-date and influential approaches in education into a comprehensive pedagogical formula. It is a compass for all educators with a belief that school is more than just an exams game - and that we can enable children to develop a rich knowledge about the world around them whilst at the same time learning to become resilient, inquisitive, reflective learners. 

As I read The Learning Power Approach, I found myself continually nodding along in agreement and feeling invited to reflect on my own practice in a way I hadn't done previously. I was able to adapt my lessons the very next day to strengthen the good learning habits I so keenly want to develop in my young learners. I noticed an instant impact of many of these small adjustments - for example, by simply tweaking the language I used, I noticed children responding more positively and engaging more deeply in their learning. As I built on and deepened this practice, I noticed other, more long-term changes in learning behaviours, especially in children who had been finding it more difficult to lock onto learning. They were now raring to go, to seek out challenge and solve problems collaboratively with their classmates.

The Learning Power Approach has been my guidebook to re-engage with my practice, examine how and why I am teaching, and reconnect myself and my learners with the purpose of coming to school. Reading this book has empowered both myself and, more importantly, my learners. In short, this book will take teachers on a wonderful journey - both eminently practical and constantly inspiring. This kind of CPD is both unique and priceless.
Guest | 03/04/2019 01:00
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