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David Kehler, Year 5 Teacher and Learning Power Coordinator, Christian College Geelong
Professor Guy Claxton is both inspiring and engaging as a presenter; it is no surprise that his latest book, The Learning Power Approach, is equally thought-provoking. As the Learning Power Coordinator of a large independent K-12 College, I have worked alongside him in the transformational work we have undertaken in the area of teaching and learning. This text confirms Guy's past thinking while setting new challenges and providing fresh and practical ideas for working at the coalface of teaching. The Learning Power Approach (LPA) is an umbrella term which synthesises much leading-edge thinking about teaching and learning - almost a global paradigm shift occurring in education. This innovative work captures the essence of what many teachers are wrestling and experimenting with, and then provides usable and effective strategies or -˜quick wins'. Reading this book inspired a resolute sigh of relief with its confirmation of best practice and frequent moments of sheer epiphany.

We have definitely found that when the tenets of LPA are implemented, student learning is enhanced. My students speak fluently about their learning, and one of the most powerful tools Guy has given us is -˜letting students behind the scenes' of their own education and taking charge of their personal journeys of growth. At the heart of Guy's message is an unwavering commitment to delivering a range of powerful, transferable learning dispositions alongside rich content. 

At our College, Guy's work has provided invaluable professional development in forming the basis for several of our professional learning teams. Engaging with this book and experimenting with its content have been cost-effective ways of generating a range of provocations and valuable conversations on-site. This work forms a regular part of staff professional development in curriculum meetings.   
Guest | 03/04/2019 01:00
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