Product reviews for The Learning Power Approach

Andy Moor, Head Teacher, St Bernard's RC Primary School
The Learning Power Approach has been a hugely important book at St Bernard's and for many others across our Teaching School Alliance. It's a practical handbook that has guided and supported our staff in understanding how to become better learners themselves. This has been key to shaping our approach to teaching and learning and has provided a source for rich debate about how we design our classrooms.

Professional development for staff through the lens of the LPA has been really powerful. Using this book, teachers have unpicked their own practice and embedded the framework's principles in their classrooms. Each lesson is now planned with a split-screen focus to teach the national curriculum and develop the appropriate learning power at the same time. This has supercharged individual lessons and really shaped the -˜language of learning' across the school.

Principles from the book have also underpinned our curriculum design. Our curriculum intent aims for confident and capable lifelong learners who are ready to face an uncertain world. Ideas and examples from the book have been invaluable in helping staff to plan to this aim, and we're already seeing impact! Children are talking in the language of learning power and applying it in their day-to-day work. Parents tell us too how their children have taken this back into their homes and have changed the way they look at learning when things get tough. This book has defined the core of our learning culture at St Bernard's and we couldn't imagine going back!

The Learning Power Approach is a must-have book to shape learning, for all ages, for life!
Guest | 03/04/2019 01:00
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