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Eddie Rollett, Research and Pedagogy Lead, Noadswood School
I cannot recommend The GCSE Mindset enough. We read the book this summer, with a view to nurturing the tenacity of our pupils. We had struggled to bridge the gap between the theory of growth mindset/grit and its practical implementation. I had found from my earlier reading that research into this area had waxed lyrical about the importance of equipping our pupils with these skills, but yet the practical implementation was woolly. This was the first book I had read which seamlessly linked theory to application. The book clearly outlines the components of successful study: VESPA. It stages the year on a month-by-month basis and gives clear and practical activities. Most importantly for us, the activities are linked to research. The authors also dispel the myths around revision and outdated systems that schools use and share research about how we could best help our pupils.

The book will be transformational for our school; it's helped us re-examine how we approach Year 11 support and intervention. It's given us the structure and support to implement real change. It's also challenged our thinking on the strategies we use within lessons to aid pupil progress. What we loved most about the book is how it had a moral thread throughout, aimed at helping pupils achieve a positive mindset, to establish lifelong learning habits. The activities transcend subjects and focus on the whole learner - looking not just within the GCSE context but helping pupils with their studies far beyond this. Not only has it helped reshape thinking in our school but it's helped us connect with other schools. We have used the book's strategies in our CPD with six other local schools and sixth forms. It's been instrumental in bringing us together and has placed teaching and learning at the heart of our conversations. This common approach will undoubtedly benefit our local community. We cannot recommend this book enough and are excited about our 2019 VESPA journey.
Guest | 03/04/2019 01:00
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