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Heather Tunstall, Senior Teacher, Bolton School -“ Boys' Division
The GCSE Mindset brings together many of the themes we have read about regarding -˜non-cognitive' skills in a practical way. It is innovative because it allows teachers to put in place a range of interventions without having to become experts in the latest educational theories - Steve and Martin have done this for them and the resources have been tried and tested in the field.

The approach places young people at the heart of the process, encouraging them to understand their strengths and work to develop their capabilities. It is is hugely positive and supportive, promoting a culture of growth and academic resilience.

Thus far the impact of the resource is most notable with our form tutors as they work to support young people through the routine grade checks and assessments during the school year. Tutors have been able to use the material in the book to deliver sessions in form periods and have found the activities easy to use and adapt to fit the time available. Form tutors like using the material and feel that they have access to a reliable coaching toolkit. They find the activities relevant and pupils are engaged in deciding what to do - they are happy to give feedback and say when they want to try a different exercise.

The GCSE Mindset is a great stand-alone book and can certainly be used to build a school programme around, as the implementation section is particularly useful. The individual student reports and development plans give us a clear idea of where we can focus efforts across the curriculum. The package sits well with our character education programme and our aims to improve academic resilience - encouraging pupils to know themselves better, to think positively and to thrive.
Guest | 03/04/2019 01:00
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