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Dr Avis Glaze, international education adviser and former Ontario education commissioner

Steve Munby's Imperfect Leadership is a fitting tribute to his leadership journey, his moral compass, his fierce devotion to sustainable principles, and his adherence to values-informed leadership. It transports us to the pinnacle of what world-class leadership looks like, and, delivered in Steve's own inimitable way, provides honest, soul-searching insights into what leading-edge leadership looks like.

Guided by his core, sustaining values, Steve deftly untangles the complexities of leadership and illuminates various leadership types, styles and possibilities. He dispels myths and false dichotomies, identifies his own highs and lows and moments of exhilaration, and subtly flexes his muscles by deconstructing leadership and its potential impact.

At a time in our history when leaders must address issues such as rising nationalism and generational shifts in visions, values, mandates and expectations, the takeaway for me from Imperfect Leadership is the need to pay attention to the 'sleeping', 'newspaper', 'mirror' and 'teenager' leadership tests that he discusses: to focus on the inner voice and to exercise moral purpose as a tribute to the moral compass that Steve himself has exercised over a lifetime of exemplary leadership in education. For all the hurdles we face as leaders across the globe, we all want to share his humility, quiet confidence, fidelity to moral purpose, and the legacy of his ability to influence the educational outcomes and life chances of the students he has advocated for throughout his illustrious career. I offer rapturous applause to Steve, who we have grown to rely on to take us to places that we would not have gone without him.

Offering oases of hope, tranquillity and optimism, Imperfect Leadership provides both challenges and validation for those who aspire to or are currently wearing the mantle of leadership that Steve so aptly constructs and articulates for us.

Guest | 08/05/2019 01:00
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