Dr Jean-Claude Pierre, CEO, Scott Bader Group

I must admit that I am not a keen reader of books on leadership, yet I found myself totally immersed in The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset. Writing in a refreshingly humble, thoughtful, and humorous style, Joe gives due attention to what he calls the obvious and points out some subtle yet fundamental differences between various concepts - for example, being a leader versus demonstrating leadership, and the difference between establishing connections and developing collaboration. The book also touches on one element I found particularly interesting: the notion of world view and the ability of the leader to change it.

The book's content is not only grounded in solid research and the author's rich experience, but is also brought to life with inspiring stories and practical exercises. The special emphasis on the behaviours related to these attributes also further contributes to making The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset a very useful companion for leaders.

Guest | 14/05/2019 01:00
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