Product reviews for Powering Up Students

Margaret Rafee, Principal, Sri KDU International School
Powering Up Students is a wonderfully practical guide for high school teachers of any subject who are committed to tweaking their practice to ensure that students build up their learning power as well as achieve good grades. The most important aspect of the book is that it communicates that the LPA is not a gimmick or a “quick fix”; rather, the LPA is successful as it takes commitment and time to embed. It is the middle way between the traditionalists' and progressives' views on education - making it clear that knowledge, skills and learning habits are not mutually exclusive but entwined, and that all three need to be catered for in order to create successful learners for life.

At our international school, the LPA is the golden thread of our pedagogy as all stakeholders are committed to preparing students for life's challenges rather than simply securing excellent outcomes in public examinations. In our context, teachers join the school from many different backgrounds and there are frequent changes of staff; the strategies in Powering Up Students will therefore help me, through induction and CPD, to build up the confidence of all our teachers and achieve consistency of approach in line with the school's LPA ethos. I particularly like the “bumps along the way” sections, as they address the fears of LPA novices and also help more experienced LPA teachers or school leaders to stay on track.

Powering Up Students will certainly be added to our CPD reading list for both our new and established teachers.
Guest | 15/05/2019 01:00
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