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Rachel Macfarlane, Director of Education Services, Herts for Learning Ltd
Teeming with ideas, as well as practical and illustrative examples of the LPA in action, Powering Up Students really shows high school practitioners how to become better LPA teachers.

The book starts with a concise and useful explanation of the LPA - its background and principles - and makes a compelling case for why it matters. Then the authors take the reader into real classrooms from across the curriculum and around the world, offering inspiring and exciting insights into what well-embedded and well-developed learning looks like, before unpicking the constituent parts of what is a wonderfully practical framework.

You may not feel you are a great LPA teacher yet, but follow the authors' clear advice and step-by-step guidance and you can undoubtedly become one. The authors anticipate the “yes, buts” that you might be grappling with, and propose sensible and practical solutions to potential hurdles you may encounter. The book also features great “wondering” boxes, filled with pertinent and searching questions to ask yourself - enabling you to reflect on your practice more clearly.

Powering Up Students will spark teachers' imaginations, give them nuggets of inspiration, and fuel their determination to go further and deeper in developing their students' learning power. It also invites the LPA convert to consider how they might start working with others to develop the LPA beyond their own classroom, and once you have read this book that is exactly what you will be itching to do!
Guest | 15/05/2019 01:00
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