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Damian Benney, Deputy Head Teacher, Penyrheol Comprehensive School
What's unique about Teach Like You Imagined It is that it looks at teaching and workload through the lens of maximising efficiency and minimising waste, analogous to the processes on a car production line. Kevin questions the efficiency of -œgoing the extra mile- -“ particularly when the race to be an outstanding teacher/department/school means this has somehow become the norm -“ and challenges you to choose what you do wisely and focus on making every hour count.

Each chapter is full of common sense, insight, relevant research and straight talking, which leads to genuine prompts to bring us closer to being the teacher we imagined, and sends a clear message that we can take control of our workload and be happier, healthier and better at our jobs as a result.

This excellent and accessible book will support and challenge teachers to become better educators without sacrificing the life they lead outside the school gates. With a retention and recruitment crisis across the UK, Teach Like You Imagined It is important reading for teachers and school leaders alike.
Guest | 31/05/2019 01:00
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