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Jill Berry, leadership consultant and former head teacher
I have long believed that every good teacher is committed to becoming an even better teacher, and in Teach Like You Imagined It Kevin Lister offers advice to everyone -“ at any stage of their career -“ for whom this is true. He encourages teachers to explore how they can identify specific areas for improvement, build on their strengths and develop those areas in which they are less competent and confident through reflection, specific action and, crucially, a determination to work more efficiently.

Kevin emphasises that a teacher's professional aspirations have to be balanced against their personal commitments so that their efforts are sustainable -“ as successful teaching and leadership should not be achieved at the expense of one's health or personal life. He encourages educators to consider how they can challenge some of their habits so that they become more effective while finding a balance that works for them. Kevin also offers specific, practical advice about how to prioritise, plan and structure work to best effect, and his prompts for action will encourage teachers to consider what habit changes might help them improve the efficiency and the success of what they do in the classroom and in their leadership.

While he accepts that the profession needs to exert what pressure it can to address those externally imposed factors which can make teachers' work draining, at the same time he exhorts educators to consider the agency they have and to strive to use it positively. This is such an important message, and Kevin's advice is balanced and sensible -“ grounded in his own practice, in his reflections from the front line of teaching and in his experience as a senior leader.

Teach Like You Imagined It will be useful to classroom practitioners and school leaders in challenging and supporting them on their journey to becoming the teachers and leaders they dream of being.
Guest | 31/05/2019 01:00
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