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Neil Wallace, Head Teacher, Stratford upon Avon School
What Kevin Lister brings in Teach Like You Imagined It is the analytical mind of an engineer to the teaching profession. His career in the car industry prior to entering the teaching profession enables him to view educational challenges through a different prism to most, and in this thought-provoking book he rallies teachers to work more effectively and achieve successful longevity in the profession.

The eyes of an engineer question the cost-“benefit analysis of going the -˜extra mile', now specifically lauded in the new Ofsted framework, in working long hours beyond reasonable expectation -“ noting that in education there is rarely any evaluation of the cost of a task because it usually only costs the time of those involved. Kevin rightly articulates there is a tipping point beyond which more teacher effort does not necessarily translate into more student progress, and he applies the law of diminishing returns to suggest that going the extra mile may be no more effective than going the extra inch. This is followed by specific guidance on how to prioritise what to do now, do next, do last and what not to do.

The delicious irony of the teaching profession is that teachers are often good at advising students on how to spend their time, yet they are not so good themselves at practising what they preach. The challenge set out loud and clear in this book is to take back control and plan what you do -“ most notably how you choose to allocate your precious time to make teaching an enjoyable, impactful and ultimately sustainable job!

Teach Like You Imagined It offers a timely reminder of why you became a teacher and will help you rediscover, nurture and make use of that passion and enthusiasm.
Guest | 31/05/2019 01:00
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