Product reviews for How to Teach: English

David Didau, author of Making Kids Cleverer
Why, you might wonder, should I invest in yet another book on the teaching of English? This is a relatively crowded marketplace -“ and although there are many excellent books aimed at English teachers, none are so rooted in the subject as this one. Chris Curtis communicates not only his years of experience but also his infectious enthusiasm for a subject and an occupation he so clearly loves.

How to Teach: English is studded with an astonishing array of practical ways into the study, and the teaching, of all forms of literature as well as the nuts and bolts of language. Every page is illuminated by the gentle, guiding hand of someone who has been there, made all the mistakes you have made and survived to pass on the distilled wisdom and warmth of a true aficionado.

This is my new favourite book on English teaching -“ it will enhance the practice of any teacher of English, no matter what stage they are at in their career.
Guest | 14/06/2019 01:00
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