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Mark Roberts, English teacher, blogger and writer
How to Teach: English is clever, wise and highly practical. Awash with creative prompts and pragmatic advice, it is an accessible and entertaining read which deserves its place on the creaking bookshelves of any English teacher.

Dipping in, you'll find the kinds of ideas that make you think, -˜I wish I'd thought of that.' At the same time, Chris' obsession with self-improvement shines through. Full of humility, honesty and mischievous humour, this is a book about getting better by -“ to paraphrase the title of Chris' hugely influential blog -“ learning from mistakes.

It includes an ambitious and comprehensive list of chapters -“ focusing on key areas such as writing, grammar, Shakespeare and poetry -“ and illustrates the necessity of building knowledge and questioning our assumptions about our students' prior learning. With his approach, Chris places a relentless focus on the writer's craft and the power of words, advocating a sensible balance of high challenge, accessibility and creativity.

Quite simply, How to Teach: English is a guide to what excellent English teaching looks like -“ so whether you're a trainee teacher or a battle-hardened veteran, this is an indispensable resource.
Guest | 14/06/2019 01:00
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