Kelly Ashley, Primary English education adviser and author of Word Power: Amplifying vocabulary instruction (2019)
In his new series, Bob Cox provides a practical framework for -˜opening doors' to pupils' knowledge of how texts work, whilst also giving teachers the confidence to effectively cultivate this knowledge. The use of high-quality texts should take center stage within the curriculum, affording pupils the opportunity to appreciate our rich literary heritage. Bob provides a clear route to learning, demystifying the perceived perplexity of using challenging texts in the primary setting and beyond. The -˜Bob says' feature helps busy teachers to think in more depth about suggested approaches, strengthening teacher agency and building capacity to adapt learning to suit pupils' needs. -˜Support questions' are also a stand-out feature, outlining in-depth questions for stimulating learning dialogues, fostering a mastery approach to learning. -˜Link reading' provides suggestions of linked texts for pupils to extend and refine new learning in a range of contexts, perfect for strengthening connections. -˜Opening doors' helps teachers and pupils to re-discover the wonderment of reading, providing a true purpose for writing.
Guest | 31/07/2019 01:00
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