Product reviews for Troubled Hearts, Troubled Minds

Gill Kelly, Co-director, Making Stuff Better Ltd, educator, author and Independent Thinking Associate
This book shines a spotlight on the complexity behind troubled behaviour and the skills needed to deal with it effectively. Using -˜creating shared meanings' as the key concept to drive professionals' actions, and writing with total authenticity, Peter Nelmes uses real-life examples to help the reader make sense of what is required. He also provides really helpful tips on how to work with a student's internal dialogue as well as a range of other behaviour management and emotional well-being strategies.

Heartbreakingly accurate in its description of -˜hard to reach' children, unapologetically truthful in its commentary, and ultimately reassuring to all staff and agencies working in special education that their work makes an enormous difference to young people's lives, Troubled Hearts, Troubled Minds is essential reading for all educators.
Guest | 02/08/2019 01:00
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