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Duncan Partridge, International Programme Development, Voice 21, and former director of education, The English-Speaking Union
As the focus of our schools and academies turns to curriculum, in writing this book Martin Robinson has given us a timely paean to the polymath. Arguing that schools need to move beyond education as mundane transaction, Robinson imagines a broad and balanced curriculum designed to inspire and nourish wisdom.

Readable and uplifting in a way that many other contemporary education books are not, Robinson's achievement is to take the recognisable and commonplace in our schooling system and reframe it in such a way as to place it on a higher plane, while at the same time retaining its familiarity.

Robinson is the grizzled, eccentric and entertaining teacher in the corner of the country's staffroom: challenging assumptions, refusing to toe the line and with no time for the bright young things and their data-laden tablets. His is a much-needed voice of dissent in an era of mechanistic education.
Guest | 02/08/2019 01:00
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