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Naureen Khalid, trustee of Connect Schools Academy Trust and governor on the local governing body of Newstead Wood School
In his latest book, Martin adds to his earlier work on the Trivium and discusses the difference between a curriculum which serves -˜Machine schools' and one which serves -˜Athena schools'. His theory is that while it is essential to provide a knowledge-rich curriculum, it is the quality of the knowledge that matters. He goes on to ask difficult questions about who decides what a non-white, non-middle-class curriculum looks like, and makes the point that liberal arts are not set in stone and that tradition is ever-changing.

At a time when Ofsted (themselves a cog in Robinson's machine analogy) has reignited the curriculum debate, Curriculum is a most timely publication and a thought-provoking read for anyone involved in our current school system.
Guest | 02/08/2019 01:00
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