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Rajvi Glasbrook Griffiths, Deputy Head Teacher, High Cross School, Director, Literature Caerleon, and writer for The Western Mail, Planet and Wales Arts Review
At the heart of Martin Robinson's Curriculum is the fundamental and pure belief in the power of a liberal education, anchored in knowledge that leads to wisdom, and so virtue. Capital as cultural rather than social, and education as a means to good, rather than a crude set of measurable outcomes that translate into nothing of meaning for our lives, are the core ideals. It is a philosophy that takes by the cuff how much schools and curricula have moved away from humanity in education.

Written with meaning and human purpose -“ and with erudition, compassion and a real understanding of ground-level pressures facing the school machinery -“ this is the best book on curriculum that I have read. And at a time when curriculum as a concept and reality are up in the air across the UK, and moving in divergent directions, this is the text that brings us together in terms of what's really important in education, and what binds us. It needs to be read by everyone with a stake in our future.
Guest | 02/08/2019 01:00
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