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Tom Sherrington, education consultant and author of The Learning Rainforest and Rosenshine's Principles in Action
Curriculum is a timely, refreshing and enlightening follow-up to Trivium 21c. At a time when thousands of schools across the UK are wrestling with the challenge of curriculum design, all too often with a vision limited by the pressure to maximise outcomes, Martin Robinson leads us to the philosophical high ground -“ and it's a mighty relief.

The central metaphor of Athena versus the Machine captures the state of things perfectly, serving both as a warning and a call to arms. Tackling a broad range of issues -“ including whether knowledge can or should be -˜powerful', the concept of cultural mobility, and the role of formal education in the context of educating for freedom -“ Martin reminds us continually that, far from the utilitarianism of the machine, education is deeply human and that knowledge -˜helps us to understand who we are'. Martin challenges us to raise our sights, to think more deeply and expansively about the purpose of the curricula we provide and to remember who it's all for.

Intellectually, Curriculum towers above the field of functional books about schooling; a must-read for anyone looking to put some heart and soul into their curriculum.
Guest | 02/08/2019 01:00
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