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"It can often seem that individual members of the family are physically all in one place, but individually, they are all playing their own separate electronic/single payer games. This refreshing book aims to redress that balance and as it says 'to brush off the dust' and rediscover the joy of board games payed as a family or group. In The Board Game Family, teacher and educationalist Ellie Dix aims to help fellow parents by inviting them and their families into the unplugged and irresistible world of board games. The benefits of board gaming are far-reaching: playing games develops interpersonal skills, boosts confidence, memory formation and cognitive ability, and refines problem-solving and decision-making skills. With these rewards in mind, Ellie shares a wealth of top tips and stealthy strategies that parents can draw upon to unleash the potential of those dusty game boxes at the back of the cupboard and become teachers of outstanding gamesmanship equipped to navigate the unfolding drama of competition, thwart the common causes of arguments and bind together a happier, more socially cohesive family."

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Guest | 30/08/2019 01:00
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