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Crista Hazell, teacher, learner, education consultant and pedagogy and pastoral champion
From Able to Remarkable will aid every teacher in schools across the land by taking them on a rollercoaster ride of self-reflection and honest questioning, while also detailing the methodology of how we can encourage, support and inspire learners to step up to the challenge of reaching the highest echelons of academic success.

From the start, From Able to Remarkable challenges the reader by provoking thought around how we can help learners to be their very best selves while considering social mobility and the excellence gap. Every chapter highlights key themes, asks relatable questions and presents evidence from a wide range of sources for consideration, reflection and discussion. Massey's humility, passion, humour and personal learning journey is highlighted throughout, stimulating debate and supplying a wealth of strategies to guide the reader through directed and purposeful evaluation of the educational diet we provide for our learners.

Is it ever acceptable to teach to the middle, or should we - by uncapping potential and allowing every learner in the room to experience success - be aiming for the highest pinnacles of educational success? This book will definitely help you answer this question. 
Guest | 10/09/2019 01:00
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