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Nina Jackson, education consultant, Teach Learn Create Ltd, author, mental health adviser and award-winning motivational speaker
When I opened Robert Massey's From Able to Remarkable I had one of those special awe-and-wonder moments as the words -˜All students can and should become expert learners' brought the biggest of smiles to my face. Finally, someone is sharing with us the formula to how we can guide, mentor, coach and exemplify expert learning in the classroom. 

I quickly became hooked into the wonderful world of Robert's craft of wisdom and gems of delight interwoven with his enlightened use of educational language and so many posing questions. He is so well-versed from reading the many influential texts and literature available on effective teaching that he possesses an outstanding ability to connect the research and philosophies of learning with his own perspectives on pedagogical approach. This is intertwined with the artful craft that Robert has with words, which helps the reader to unpack some very complex approaches. 

The refreshing approach to collaborative learning which Robert presents applies to every teacher in every classroom. He works on the premise that collaborative learning improves behaviour, and the context for his narrative is exemplary and magical in every way. The stretch and challenge activities provided are a welcome feature too, offering plenty to get the reader to think, plot, plan and even stretch themselves as learners to go beyond what they would normally offer or consider as enrichment.

From Able to Remarkable is a book imbued with deep thinking, questioning and professional guidance, and a must-read for all teachers who want to take their learners from able to remarkable.
Guest | 10/09/2019 01:00
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