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Tom Sherrington, education consultant and author of The Learning Rainforest and Rosenshine's Principles in Action
From Able to Remarkable is an excellent book tackling a complex and important issue that all teachers and schools wrestle with to varying degrees of success. Robert has done a superb job of setting out a coherent philosophy and a manifesto for change, marshalling a wide range of supporting evidence and examples, while also offering readers a superb catalogue of practical ideas to bolster their teaching repertoire. 

In Robert's depiction of the -˜expert learner' he draws on his experience and insight gleaned from years of working with remarkable students, which lends his writing and analysis a ring of authenticity that many other books don't have when talking about -˜challenge'. I especially loved Robert's exposition of his manifesto for excellence and the wonderful concept of -˜twenty-first  century renaissance scholars', both of which provide the blend of inspiration and deliverability that schools and teachers crave. Perhaps best of all is that, in the concept of -˜remarkability', Robert has taken ideas about ability that get swamped with legitimate concerns about determinism and elitism, to convey a truly inclusive view of the route to excellence. 
Guest | 10/09/2019 01:00
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