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Torsten Payne, author of Stretch and Challenge for All
First and foremost, From Able to Remarkable is a book for teachers, written by a teacher - and there is no doubt that all students and all teachers will benefit from the approaches and strategies detailed within. It is undoubtedly an impressive accomplishment, bringing together a whole host of research, debate and practical ideas to implement the best practice in getting the best out of every student.

Massey's tone is light but thoughtful, and his arguments and suggestions are backed up by examples that elucidate the points made while demonstrating that they are put forward by someone who teaches in the real world. He tackles the common misconceptions of teachers, parents and the
students themselves and suggests several tried-and-tested ways to raise the achievement of the whole school. The book's structure is perfectly balanced as well, with each chapter stating its key themes and considering the issues and evidence before concluding with a succinct summary. This is a book I will refer to often, and the layout makes it easy to dip back into and find the precise sections you are looking for.

As a teacher myself, I hope that From Able to Remarkable is read by as many teachers as possible at all levels of our profession. If you have any role in managing the more able students, read this book and save yourself several years of trial and error.

A valuable addition to the CPD library of any teacher who wishes their students to achieve their very best in school and beyond.
Guest | 10/09/2019 01:00
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