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John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultant
The authors have extended their work on practical strategies, within the Learning Power Approach(LPA), to enhance learners strengths to promote and develop skills, desire, tenacity and confidence to enhance personal responsibility and performance levels. A key feature of the engaging text is that the authors move the reader and learner from the modes of “knowing lots”, to the promotion of transferable abilities of resourcefulness, initiative, resilience, evaluation and application of knowledge within life and work situations that pose challenges and opportunities.

The structure of the book enables the reader to build upon their current skill levels and teaching strategies with a wide range of practical advice, hints and suggestions which the authors have used to open up thinking in a range of directions to develop attitudes, dispositions and habits of mind.  The reader is encouraged to promote their own skills of critical thinking within the inserted “Wondering” boxes to adapt the suggested ideas to their own situation.  As the authors emphasise, LPA is not prescriptive and might not be for everyone

A key strength of the text is that the style makes for easy reading.  I particularly gained from the wide range of thought provoking questions such as “Let's Say”, “Could be....”,and “Why Bother with Challenge”. In addition the boxes promoting self reflection enabled the reader to focus on the principles that underpin the ethos of a learning powered classroom

The examples from practice of promoting Problem Solving in Mathematics (Rachel Hole),  work with Vulnerable People (Chris Turley) and other effective practice all helped to promote more effective pedagogy.  As an exponent of changing classroom layouts I found the section on the environment for learning power a really excellent section promoting thinking “outside of the normal box”.

This is a brilliant resource for all schools and colleges.  It will stimulate thinking not only about curriculum change but more importantly how to transform learners from merely regurgitating knowledge to the promotion of practical skills and tenacity to address and challenge the “Dragons Den” of life and employ men.
Guest | 25/10/2019 01:00
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