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John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultant
Kevin Lister has written an easily read text for teachers and support staff with the emphasis on his personal insight based on a wide range of experiences within schools and as an engineer. He addresses the realities of teacher wastage in that many staff face high degrees of stress and heavy term time workloads and are expected to -œget on with it- resulting in many leaving the profession. The author acknowledges that he doesn't claim to have the answers or recipes for solving all situations however he stimulates reader's thought processes by discussing key areas of leadership skills and time management from a personal standpoint.

I particularly gained from the sections on improving personal skills to make effective use of technology, protocols for e-mail usage, sharing ideas, marking and feedback that impacts upon students learning and action to make lessons memorable. It was interesting how he links his ideas on lesson planning to his industrial experience in particular the Deming cycle of PDSA (Plan, do, study, act) as a loop. Readers will gain from reading his comments on pointless marking and his RAG123 framework where students rate aspects of their work in terms of effort and understanding, in their efforts to promote engagement, motivation, aspirations and performance levels

The author's sections on strategies and systems to manage behavioural issues and develop a good life balance both address key issues impacting upon teacher effectiveness Teachers new to the profession and those seeking ideas to improve their work life balance will find this book very useful
Guest | 25/10/2019 01:00
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