John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultant
-‹These books will enable teachers to open doors to pupils to broaden their skills of interpretation, discussion and writing by developing an understanding of great literature in its various forms.

-‹The excellent foreword by Pie Corbett - which features within both books - sets the scene for the reader to gain access to a wealth of ideas, techniques, approaches and texts which have been road-tested to develop children as both readers and writers. As Corbett so aptly comments: -˜Children will never really become great readers until they begin to tackle great texts and learn that sustaining their reading with a classic bears fruit.'

-‹The inspirational excellence of both books must not be underestimated. The authors enable the reader, by compiling a challenging and accessible framework, to discover how fascinating and full of wonder great writing and literature can be.

-‹Bob, Leah and Verity have produced an outstanding teaching resource which will not only improve learners' literacy skills but also positively impact upon the development of reading for pleasure and the overall quality of education they receive.
Guest | 17/01/2020 00:00
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