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Natasha Mairs, @SerenityYou
-‹This book is all about, you guessed it, board games. It talks about how board games can bring a family together and different family tradition you can have with board games.

The first few chapters are the positives about playing board games as a family - spending more time together, less screen time, etc. And how to start a board game collection.

There are plenty of tips in the book on how to change the rules of the game to suit your family needs. For example, if you playing with young children or someone with learning disability. There are tips on how to make the games unique to your family. Like in my family, when playing Monopoly if we have to pay money we put it under the free parking, and who ever lands on that space gets to keep the money.

There's advice on what to do if a member of your family doesn't want to play, or there is arguments or sore losers. There are lot's of little tips that I myself as quite a big board game player will be taking away and using. There is also a list of board game suggestions too.

Overall, this book is great if you are thinking about starting a family board game night. I would recommend it to people with young kids and teens a like. You can also gain a lot from reading this book even if you don't have children.

4/5 stars for me
Guest | 22/01/2020 00:00
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