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David Price MinstLM is a manager and author of several published books on entrepreneurship, leadership and management.
This book is based on a ten-year study of the skills companies identified their employees were most in need of. The 21 skills that were highlighted - from creativity to influence and resilience - were attributes that would benefit employees at any stage of their career, whatever position they were in. These are called 'adaptive' skills.

The author has laid out each of the 21 skills in its own chapter. Every chapter lists out specific tools, techniques and sources of inspiration.

Overall, this book is a fantastic resource for professionals or leadership and development teams who want a menu of skills, tools and techniques to choose from. It will give them a great steer on growth opportunities. But as a book of bullet points and tips, without the substance or story to support the learning areas, it won't provide you with an opportunity to upskill yourself directly.
Guest | 11/02/2020 00:00
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