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Hania Kryszewska, Humanising Language Teaching, By Pilgrims
The book in question is aimed an English teachers who teach English at secondary level (ages 11-18) to native learners. What the author wants to achieve is bring intellectual challenge and fun into teaching literature and into teaching about literature. He wants to make his students think, appreciate language and ideas, experience, feel and react. He wants the students to learn to look critically at the society and to look at ways how they can make the surrounding world better. The texts that are used in the sample activities range from classical to modern ones. The 10 chapters in the book look art areas like appreciating poetry, teaching writing and critical thinking, teaching grammar and writing. The learners have to think about opposites, conflicts, sequencing, understanding the rationale behind actions, and logic or cause and effect underlying events. The book is very practical, refreshing and very inspiring, especially for teachers of English as a foreign language who have a different view of language, language teaching and the role of literature in language learning. A great resource for CLIL teachers, -‹
Guest | 13/02/2020 00:00
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