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Sir Al Aynsley-Green, Visiting Professor of Advocacy for Children and Childhood, Nottingham Trent University, former Children's Commissioner for England, and author of The British Betrayal of Childhood
Grief after the loss of a loved one is not recognised, unbelievably, to be an -˜adverse childhood experience'. This wonderful book - describing to the point of tears the lived experiences of a devastated father and his now motherless children after the sudden death of his wife - sets the record straight. The loss of a parent or loved one in childhood must be taken with the seriousness it deserves. We now not only know of the immediate impact of death on children of different ages, but also have incontrovertible evidence of the enormity of unresolved grief in adults bereaved as children.

-˜Think adult, think child' should be the mantra for all concerned with dying parents to ask what the death means for children in the family. This is especially relevant to schools, every one of which can expect to have to confront the death of a pupil, a parent or a member of staff. School will often be the fixed point in a child's life, and so it is essential for everyone there to be prepared and to understand the child's changing needs as they grow up.

This insightful, easy-to-read book shares invaluable advice based on personal experiences, and needs to be widely disseminated. It is a must-read for teachers, teachers in training and all who work to support children in distress. It has my unreserved support.
Guest | 14/02/2020 00:00
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